The Dreams To Founder Journey

Dreams To Founder was founded in Philadelphia by Khalia Deborah in August of 2018. This movement started with 1 workshop filled with 50 women wanting to grow in the areas of life, business and faith. Our mission is to create a space for people to grow within themselves, strengthen leadership abilities, provide entrepreneurial , life and transformational coaching, as well as, resources to move forward toward executing on powerful life goals. Not only do we create the space but we create the COMMUNITY! At Dreams To Founder, we believe that we are here for a greater reason bigger than ourselves. We are here to use our gifts, talents, innovation and creative minds to help the communities and people within those communities flourish! When you attend an event, become a member of the private FB group, engage on social media, listen + subscribe to the podcast, and/or sign up for the newsletter or take part in anything happening within Dreams To Founder, YOU BECOME A PART OF THIS COMMUNITY! You gain the support and community that will challenge you, support you and help you grow!


Khalia Deborah, B.S.

Certified Life Coach, Business Coach

I am here to serve and coach people to step into a greater space in their lives. I believe that a person has to work on themselves and ensure they are in a good position to lead before starting a business and pouring out to the masses. What is within us comes out in what we do, so let’s make sure we are giving greatness and not toxicity!

Through Khalia Deborah Coaching, I offer 1-on-1 life and business coaching to individuals and small businesses. However, there was still more that I felt I needed to be doing. I believe that it is up to the people within the communities to change the communities which will have the impact to change the world. I decided to build a resource that will be there to teach the people of the community to be innovative and creative with what they can do to impact change in their communities and the world around them.

I wanted Dreams To Founder to touch on 3 specific areas, Life, Business/Entrepreneurship + Faith! These areas, I believe, are the foundational bricks as we go through this crazy thing called life. However, before we can become great leaders, build amazing programs and become influential in our communities we have to first tackle who we are to ensure we are fit to lead and making sure we are grounded in our faith.

I am here to serve and coach!

What People Are Saying


“Khalia Deborah has changed my way of thinking and energized me to cultivate my business and position me for success. After working with her, I have been booked every month and been able to control my schedule to fit what is going on in my life!”

— Kaliah Carlton, Chef, Founder of Carlton Caterers

“I had never been so invigorated, so charged up! I am typically the one charging others up.

So the fact that she was able to charge me up said a lot!”

— Nicole Doss, Founder of The Prestige Society


“Khalia takes me out of my comfort zone. She does more than just

help me with my business, she helps me with my life.”

— Kristy Lynn Purnell, Networking Strategist

“Khalia was the perfect companion I needed to start my business. She was a consistent source of creativity, encouragement, and prioritization. One thing I learned early one in working with Khalia is that she does her research! This really encouraged me as a business owner and pushed me to do more research on my own - although I'm still working to get on her level!”

— Keina Newell, Financial Coach, Founder of Wealth Over Now

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